Lectures By Judy Singer

The Visual Language of Art: How to Look at PaintingsThe language of art is mystifying for most, stimulating many questions from "what am I supposed to see?" to "what does this mean?"

Judy Singer answers these questions, and more, in “The Visual Language of Art: How to Look at Paintings”. In her lecture, she outlines and demonstrates the fundamental skills that are necessary to comprehend painting. The acquisition of syntax (grammar and vocabulary) is essential to gaining fluency in any language and the visual language, too, has its own intrinsic syntax. Singer’s instruction grants anyone the ability to become fluent in the visual language of art.

As a widely exhibited artist for 35 years, Singer has a profound and intimate knowledge of the subject. She guides us through the history of art, from the Renaissance to the development of Abstraction, demonstrating how space, composition, line and colour interact to create an aesthetic experience.

A professor of drawing, painting and art history at York University from 1976 to 2005, Singer brings an unprecedented clarity and depth to this important and often overlooked topic. She leads us through an eye opening and transforming experience, endowing us with an expanded base of knowledge from which to continue our exploration and enjoyment of art.

To book Judy Singer for your group, contact her by e-mail judy@gotfryd.com or call her at (416) 638-9014