Full Day Programme: $300/person (includes art supplies)

Decoding the Visual Language of Art (9:30 – 10:30 am)
Judy explains how visual perception functions in a work of art, using examples from art history.

Developing Basic Drawing Skills (10:30 am – 12 noon)
Judy teaches basic drawing skills through a system that anyone can master; developing concentration, hand-eye coordination and the ability to express.

Lunch (12:00 – 1:00 pm)

Creating Abstract Paintings (1:15 – 3:30 pm)
Through the sketching of selected objects, Judy facilitates imaginative exploration using the skills acquired in the morning session. With these sketches as a guide, the afternoon is devoted to creating acrylic paintings on canvas. Judy demonstrates how to use paint and how to build a  painting. Judy is experienced at supporting people as they let go of pre-conceived ideas and establish new skill-based levels of confidence.

Dialogue, Insights, Conclusions (3:45 – 4:30 pm)
The transformation that occurs as a result of this creative process is highlighted through interactive dialogue about the paintings that emerge. This is a fun process and a time to personally integrate a new understanding of creativity.

Optional Half Day Programme: $225/person

Developing Basic Drawing Skills (1 hour)
Creating Abstract Paintings (2 hours)
Dialogue, Insights, Conclusions (1/2 hour)


hand-with-pencil About Judy Singer
Artist, professor of drawing,
painting and art history
(York University, 30 years),
member and Ontario chair
Royal Canadian
Academy of Arts.
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(416) 638-9014 


Testimonials for Judy Singer

"I needed insight into a business problem and hired Judy to help me understand the production of a work of art. Through art history time travel, hands-on experimentation, and the encouragement of a professional educator, I ended up with a personal discovery more valuable than the business objective I started out with."

Zal Press, President, ARTSEAL

"One of the best things about Judy Singers' course is/was undoubtedly Judy herself. Engaging, knowledgeable and always ready to render assistance, Judy made learning fun. Moreover, as an artist herself, she could and did provide a unique and enlightening perspective on what it is and means to paint. Any course is just "course content" until the right person comes along to breathe life into it. Judy definitely seems to be one of those people. Her course was not only memorable, it was meaningful and very near inspirational. Now that's ART"

Tom Hoeher, Marketpoint Realty

"Judy’s courses are inspired by a great balance between academic excellence and artistic freedom, to create and stimulate inspirational avenues.

Dr. Jaime Llambias Wolff, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Science, York University

"At Salon Voltaire, we had the pleasure of an evening of Judy's reflections on 20th century visual art. Word spread quickly and we had a packed house for the event. Judy's passion for art is contagious; she provoked many questions from the audience and a great discussion. We look back on it as a highlight of our spring lecture series."

Colin Agur, Executive Director (2007-08), Salon Voltaire

"I found Judy Singer’s lecture a real eye-opener. A gifted painter, Singer brings hands-on experience to her sense of how pictures work. She is an engaging speaker with the power to refresh our field of perception. She makes gallery-going a new and exciting adventure."

Kenneth Sherman, Poet, Professor of English and Creative Writing, Sheridan College